Just imagine: you’ve an important appointment. You get into the car... and it won’t start! What now? Ask James! MAAN’s personal assistant. He not only calls you a taxi, but also makes sure your car is repaired. In addition, he can deliver packages or arrange reliable help, a babysitter or a handyman for you. Well, is there anything James can’t do? What luxury!




James is available at MAAN every week at regular times: from Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 20:00 and on Saturdays between 9:00 and 17:00. James is also available online. Through the online portal, you can easily choose the service you want and pay directly via iDEAL or with your credit card.

ONLINE portal

However, James can offer you much more through the online portal. There you’ll find you have access to all your personal rental documentation and James keeps you informed of all the news about MAAN and its surrounding area. Is the stairwell being painted? James lets you know! Is there a fun event in the Binckhorst? You'll hear it first from James!


If you want, James can make your move a lot easier by using our quick and effortless relocation service. He can also transfer the internet, energy and water contracts to your new address all at the same time. This is ideal during a chaotic period when you've got quite enough on your mind.

MAAN Den Haag James


Speaking of events: James regularly organises fun activities for MAAN residents. A nice neighbourly drink, for example, or a Boot Camp Training. As much as possible of the best that the Binckhorst has to offer, of course. This way you’ll quickly get to know your future neighbours and the neighbourhood. Still, isn’t it nice if you already know who you’re sharing the elevator with?